Top 10 Best Backpacks For Gym And Work 2021

top gym and work backpacks

If you value getting a regular workout, finding the best backpacks for gym and work is a smart choice. With the right bag, you can easily take all your work-related items with you and still have room for your gym shoes, workout clothes, and other necessary gear. Instead of just buying a random backpack and hoping it works for you, learn what features to look for then check out the top choices. Here is my comparison chart of top backpacks that can be used for work as well as gym.

Comparison chart of the best backpacks for gym and work

Product ImageBrandWeightPriceRating
Livewell 360 3 lbs$$5
6 Pack Fitness7 lbs$$4.4
OakleyNot Listed$$4.7
Thule Crossover6.7 lbs$$4.7
Victorinox2.7 lbs$4.4

Detailed review of the best backpack choices for gym and work

To get you started on your search for the best backpacks for gym and work, consider one of these options.

#1 – THE BACKPACK From LiveWell 360 – With Laptop & Shoes Compartment Among Others

best backpacks for gym and work

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The BACKPACK by Live Well 360 is incredibly tough so it can keep up with your daily needs. I personally use this backpack and so can vouch for it in terms of durability and all the compartments it has. The main compartment was designed to be oversized so it can hold everything you need. There are also numerous other compartments to help you stay organized, including the separate shoe compartment and laundry area that is vented to help dissipate odors. There is even a padded laptop compartment so you don’t have to worry about protecting your electronics. I have been using this backpack for the past five years and could not be more satisfied. Below is a video on all the things it can fit:

The bag is lightweight and ergonomically balanced for comfort when carrying while the extra-padded shoulder straps ensure that even fully loaded, it won’t cut into your shoulders. There are two exterior pockets in the front that are simple to access. The top pocket also includes a key lanyard for easy access to your keys. It even has a fleece-lined pocket for jewelry and glasses, something you won’t find on most bags. The exterior pockets for shaker cups and water bottles ensure you always stay hydrated. The bag is also built to last a lifetime thanks to its use of premium ballistic nylon. The interior is lined using the brand’s signature Inspirational poly liner with signature embroidery in Red Swirl.

#2 – 6 Pack Fitness Expedition 300 Stealth Black Bag BLACK

multi compartment backpacks for gym and work

This is the best backpacks for gym and work if you need space for all your gear, including a few meals. In addition to fitting everything you need, this bag also has enough space to hold three prepared meals, making it easy to eat healthy even if you are gone for the entire day. That bag actually has a designated front compartment for the three included Sure-Lock containers to hold your meals. There are even three gel packs to keep the food cold. There are zippered pockets for utensils and supplements as well. Even with space for this food, you will be able to easily fit a laptop for work, gym shoes, and more because the bag is so spacious.

The technology compartment is lined with fleece and holds a 15-inch laptop or tablet. There is another fleece-lined pocket for your glasses plus two exteriors (insulated) pockets to hold water bottles. For comfort when using the bag, the shoulder straps and back are padded. The extra-large main compartment has smaller pockets for your phone, wallet, keys, and headphones as well. Best of all, no pockets collapse if empty so your backpack is always sturdy.

#3 – Oakley Kitchen Sink LX Backpack

stylish backpacks for gym and work

The black color of this backpack makes it great for work and the interior is spacious enough to fit all your workout gear and your work items. The bag has 17-inch padded laptop sleeve so you don’t have to worry about your computer getting damaged. There is also a waterproof compartment that is self-draining and perfect for damp gym clothes at the end of a workout, ensuring you won’t get other items wet. As a bonus, this backpack is even machine washable so you can easily get the gym stink out of it.

The bag itself is very spacious, measuring 21.8 by 11.8 by 4 inches. Reviewers agree that this bag is more than spacious enough for the gym, easily fitting your clothes, shoes, toiletries, and towel. The backpack is also highly durable so you will not have to replace it anytime soon, something which helps counter the slightly high price tag. For extra organization, the bag has numerous compartments and sturdy zippers, including two spacious side pockets with zipper closures and straps where you could attach extra items if you run out of room inside. The bag seems professional and polished with sturdy materials, including the hooks, that will make your coworkers jealous.

#4 – Thule Crossover 32L Backpack – Black

good backpacks for gym and work

The minimalistic black design of this backpack lends a professional appearance, making it very work appropriate while the blue pulls on the zippers add a touch of flair. To make it even better for work, there is an elevated laptop pocket that holds a 17-inch laptop as well as a dedicated sleeve for tablets. The crush-proof compartments are heat-molded to protect items like your phone and sunglasses. There is a zippered storage area on the bottom perfect for small accessories like your laptop charger.

The main compartment is incredibly spacious, offering more than enough room for your workout shoes and other gear, although you will need to invest a shoe bag to separate your sneakers from other items. There is a side pocket perfect for your water bottle and the straps are padded for additional comfort. The bag measures 12.5 by 8.5 by 20 inches and can hold 1,952.8 cubic inches. It is also incredibly sturdy, with the exterior materials being lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. The back panel features a cushion and the shoulder straps even include a sternum strap for additional support. The hardware is sturdy aluminum that will last. Even the interior of this backpack is well planned, with blue and light gray lining so you can easily see the items inside.

#5 – Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Deluxe Laptop Backpack

black backpacks for gym and work

If you don’t need too much room for your workout gear and are more concerned with fitting a change of clothes and other small essentials, this backpack is a great choice. It is designed specifically to hold a laptop and has a professional, black appearance. The bag measures 13.5 by 19.5 by 7 inches and has a separate section for your laptop. This area can fit a 17-inch laptop and includes a pocket for a 10-inch electronic device. You should be able to fit other work papers in the laptop’s padded compartment. Use the spacious front pocket that makes up the other half of the main area for your workout gear.

There should be more than enough room for your workout clothes plus shoes, although you may need to stick to travel-size toiletries and a smaller towel for everything to fit. There is an additional small front compartment for items like your phone and keys so these things are always easily accessible whenever you need them. The bag is very supportive with padded shoulder straps and a padded rear. The shoulder straps are adjustable and feature a sternum clip. There is also a waist strap between these items, you should never lack the necessary support. The main body fabric is VersaTek, a durable material that has an Isynetic ballistic nylon base which resists abrasion.

#6 – M-PAKS Travel/Adventure Backpack With Messenger Bag And Frame/Chair

quality backpacks for laptop and gym

This is a unique option for the best backpacks for gym and work choices since it includes a detachable messenger bag and a lightweight frame and chair. Its versatility makes it ideal for work as well as the gym or even exercising outdoors. With the built-in chair and frame, you could even go for an after-work hike for exercise and then sit comfortably at the top of the hill to enjoy the view and relax. If you don’t want to bring the chair and frame with you, just remove it. The bag has a lifetime warranty, making the price even more of amazing value.

You are unlikely to take advantage of the warranty since this bag is made from high-quality materials like Ripstop lining, 1680 ballistic nylon, and metal zippers. The bag is also sleek and professional with its black exterior. The backpack easily fits everything you need, including your laptop as well as sneakers, workout clothes, and everything else you will need for the day. If you need to bring a bit more with you, use the detachable messenger bag as well. You could even keep your work stuff in the messenger bag and then detach it, leaving the bulk of the backpack in your car when you go to work after hitting the gym. Reattach it if you don’t want to leave your work laptop unattended in your car when at the gym.

Features Of  Backpacks For Gym And Work

While everyone will have their own preference as to the styling of the best backpacks for gym and work, there are some factors everyone should consider. Pay attention to the following factors to make your investment worth it.


The first thing to consider is the overall size of your chosen backpack. You want something that has room for everything you need yet will still fit in your gym locker and not be too bulky or heavy when carrying it. Your ideal size for a bag won’t be the same as everyone else, but you should still take the time to think about. Think about which items you want to bring with you on a regular basis and pick a size from there. Some items to consider having space for including your workout clothes, gym shoes, toiletries, hair-styling accessories and tools, makeup, laptop, and lunch.

Looks Professional

If you are using the same backpacks for the gym and work, you should make sure that it looks professional, depending on your job. You don’t want to take a brightly colored backpack with an animated character on it into your job in a straight-laced office. Because of this, the best gym bags for work will be solid colors like black, brown, or other neutrals that appear professional.

Holds Laptop

In addition to considering whether you need to fit your laptop in your bag, make sure to consider if you want a separate compartment for it. The best backpacks for gym and work will have a designated laptop section with padding for convenience and protection.

Separate Shoe Compartment

You should also ideally choose a gym bag that has a separate area to hold your shoes and dirty clothes. After all, you don’t want these stinky items to get your work clothes dirty or just get sweat and dirt on your hairbrush or towel. Of course, you can also choose a bag without a shoe compartment and just put your shoes inside a designated bag within the backpack.

Space For Toiletries And Wet Items

In addition to a separate area for shoes, the best gym backpacks will have a designated area for your toiletries and other items that may be damp, such as a towel. This will prevent the other items within your bag from getting wet, which can damage them or at the very least, lead to a bad smell.

Plenty Of Organization

Although everyone is different, most agree that the best backpacks for gym and work will have plenty of organization, both inside and out. This allows you to easily find whatever you are looking for, both in the gym and at the office. At the very least, you probably want pockets for your keys, phone, headphones, wallet, and any IDs necessary for the gym or work.

Comfortable Straps

Since you will be carrying the backpack several times a day, you should always ensure that it has comfortable straps that are adjustable. This will ensure that you won’t hurt yourself, even if the bag is full. Remember that your muscles may be sore following a tough workout, making this even more important.


You should also consider the material of the backpack in question, although there is no one best choice. If possible, opt for something that is incredibly sturdy and waterproof.


Now that you have a good idea of the best backpacks for gym and work, all that’s left to do is make a purchase. In no time, you will be ready to hit the gym and go to work without having to carry multiple bags and worry about forgetting something. There are many other options for backpacks as well including the latest trend, the rolling backpacks.

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