Top 10 Best Survival Backpacks 2021

Best Survival backpacks need to be incredibly durable and sturdy since they must hold all the items you need to survive. Some people use survival backpacks for adventures in the outdoors while they test their skills while other people simply like to keep one on hand for potential emergencies. No matter the case, selecting the best survival backpack can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for.

List of best survival backpacks:

Aqua Quest Sport 3030L$$4.9
Elite Survival Systems$$$4.8
Aqua Quest Himal20L$4.6
OneTigris BUSHCRAFTER50L$$4.5
Red Rock Outdoor Gear35L$4.5
Wise Company30L$$$4.3

Reviews of best survival backpacks:

OneTigris BUSHCRAFTER Day Pack Tactical Backpack

best survival backpack

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This backpack holds 50 liters worth of gear, perfect for three days’ worth of supplies. The materials are all strong with rugged construction. At the same time, the back panel is soft to ensure you are comfortable. The shoulder straps are wide and can quickly disconnect. The zippers are all oversized and snag-free and that is why we have included it in our list of best survival backpacks.

There are numerous internal sleeves and pockets to store IDs, maps, and other supplies. The backpack even has a dedicated compartment for your dehydration bladder along with an outlet for convenient access. The MOLLE webbing on the sides and front let you easily add more items to the exterior and there is an expansion pack to let you fit even more inside.

Hopsooken 30L Ultra Lightweight Backpack

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Although this best survival backpack is slightly smaller than the previous one, it is ultra-lightweight and water resistant, both of which make it an excellent choice. The bag even comes with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about replacing it and to show that the manufacturer has confidence in its construction. Bar tacking reinforces the stress points and the nylon fabric is highly resistant to both rips and water, giving you a long-lasting bag.

A unique feature with this particular best survival backpack is that it can fold into a single zippered inner pocket so you can take it with you no matter where you are. Like most bags, this one has numerous pockets, including two zipper pockets in front and two side pockets in addition to the large main compartment.

Aqua Quest “Himal” Waterproof Backpack

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This survival backpack is completely waterproof to protect all items inside the bag from water, rain, snow, sand, dust, or dirt. There is even a quick, easy roll top closure that allows you to temporarily submerge the bag. The backpack is also ultra-light despite its toughness, reducing the weight you need to carry. It folds into the front zip pocket, making it easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Like the best bags, this one has shoulder and waist straps that can be easily adjusted and are soft. They even dry quickly and will contour to your body shape. It has an air mesh panel in the back to help you stay comfortable. The bag is backed by a two-year warranty to help protect your investment.

OuterStar Sport Outdoor Bag

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In addition to being one of the best survival backpacks, this bag is great for a tactical bag, hiking, trekking, camping, or climbing. The nylon material is heavy-duty and water resistant to give you a bag you can count on that will also keep out water. The zippers are heavy-duty and oversized so they last as long as the bag.

You can adjust the shoulder strap to fit your size perfectly. The backpack holds 25 liters with two distinct main compartments, two front pockets, and plenty of interior storage pouches. It is also available in a range of colors and camo patterns.

Elite Survival Systems Mission Pack 3-Day Backpack

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You can choose to buy this best survival backpacks with or without a three-liter hydration reservoir and reviewers agree that as a survival backpack, it is worth paying the extra few dollars for this feature. The bag also has a water resistant rain cover built in. It is made up of a large main compartment with secondary compartments and internal mesh and zipper pockets.

The materials used are ultra-durable 100 denier nylon and all the hardware, including zippers are heavy-duty for durability. There are also quick-release compression straps for convenience and the waistband straps are removable.

LEMONBEST Large Military Tactical Assault Backpack

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This is technically a military tactical assault backpack, but it works just as well as a survival backpack because of its durability and features. The main compartment can be expanded for a total capacity of 30 to 35 liters. Inside, you will find a mesh compartment for smaller gear. There is also a middle compartment with a zippered interior for your essential survival gear and smaller areas for small supplies and hence we have this in our list of best survival backpacks.

There are plenty of MOLLE loops throughout the bag to let you extend the backpack’s capacity with ease. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable, as is the waist strap, ensuring you can comfortably carry the bag when it is full.

Aqua Quest Sport 30 Waterproof Backpack

waterproof survival backpack

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Like the other Aqua Quest survival backpack on this list, this item is completely waterproof and features the same easy and fast roll top to let you temporarily submerge the bag in water without any problem and is therfore in our list of best survival backpacks. The bag features heat taped seams, stress points that are double bar-tacked, TPU lamination, DWR coating, and a sturdy RipStop fabric that resists abrasion.

The shoulder and waist straps are padded, flexible, and adjustable to make the bag comfortable for anyone. There are water bottle pockets featuring strong elastic drawstrings. The shoulder straps also have D-rings and there are seven webbing loops on the front which have been reinforced for attachments. The bag also has a two-year warranty.

Characteristics of the Best Survival Backpacks

The first step of finding the best survival backpack is evaluating your requirements. In addition to sturdiness, there are many other qualities you should look for in these bags.


Durability is the most important feature of any survival backpack since exploring the outdoors or emergency situations will be tough on the bag. Read reviews to make sure that the bag is durable. Also, look at the material to make sure it is tear-resistant and pick models with reinforced seams and covered zippers.


The idea behind a survival backpack is that you will be wearing it constantly for an extended period of time. No matter your adventure, you want to maximize comfort. Because of this, it is worth paying a little extra to choose a bag that protects from fatigue, has padding in key parts, and doesn’t have any seams that will rub against you in uncomfortable spots. Double check that your bag has adjustable clips and straps. For the most comfort, ensure there are straps and padding on the hip area as well as the sternum. Remember that generally speaking, wider straps will be more comfortable.

Interior Compartments

Most people will also prefer a bag with plenty of interior and exterior compartments to help with organization. This will let you keep your survival supplies orderly at all times so you can grab something in a moment without having to go digging or take other items out.

Exterior Storage or Expansion

It never hurts to have extra room in a backpack, especially one that will help you survive. Some of the top bags will be expandable so you can fit more items when you need them. Others will simply have loops or webbing that let you easily attach odds and ends. At the very least, pick a backpack with loops to fit more items.


Size is related to the ability of the bag to expand, but worth mentioning separately. Make sure that the backpack isn’t too large for you to comfortably carry for an extended period of time. The bag shouldn’t cause you to stoop due to its weight or size since this will reduce your mobility. Ideally, you will want the biggest bag that you can comfortably handle without straining your back.

Water Compartments

You can always carry water bottles inside your backpack or simply adjust one of the extra loops to bring it along, but some people prefer built-in areas for water. These can be simple mesh loops on the outside of the bag or even separate compartments that are waterproof to prevent spills from damaging your other supplies.


The best survival backpacks will also be waterproof or at least have a rain cover to help you out. This is crucial for outdoor adventures when rain can come on unexpectedly or you may have to cross a river.

Air Flow

A final consideration when looking for the best survival backpack is whether or not it allows for air flow. You can now find bags that let the skin breathe. Without this feature, you will get a sweaty patch on your back and on the bag.

Now that you know what important features to look for in your survival backpack, it is time to start looking at the various options. To make life easier, the following items are the best survival backpacks available, offering durability and versatility for emergency situations and outdoor adventures. Most can be classified as either tactical backpacks or camping and hiking equipment.

How to build a survival kit

When you go for a outing, hiking, camping and so on, it is very important to build your survival kit. In this video he tells us what to carry as your survival.


When choosing among the best survival backpack options, be sure to consider all of the factors mentioned above. Let your needs and budget determine which one you buy but try to get the best backpack you can afford.

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