Top 10 Best Hunting Backpacks 2021

When venturing out into the great outdoors on a hunting expedition, it is critically important to have the right tools to support the mission especially having the best hunting backpacks. Beyond your firearm or bow and your ammunition, most everything you need should be mobile to allow you to be adaptable to the conditions and to best track the game you’re after. The market for sporting goods for hunters and outdoorsman offers a number of options and picking the pack that is right for you requires that you assess what is most important to you and what is needed for your convenience and comfort.

List of best hunting backpacks 2019:

Neewer® 30L 3P30L$$4.9
Sport Outdoor Military Rucksacks Not listed$$4.8
Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault PackNot listed$$$4.8
Monkey Paks Military Army Style Backpack 27L$$$4.8
G4Free®40L Sport Outdoor40L$$$4.7
ALPS OutdoorZ Commander86L$$$4.7
Monkey Paks Tactical BackpackNot listed$$$4.6
ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back PackNot listed$$$4.5
ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse74L$$4.4
ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer41L$$4.3

Detailed Review of Best Hunting Backpacks:

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

best hunting backpacks Buy from Amazon

(387 reviews) 76% 5-star rating

Touting a universal design and brushed realtree Xtra HD fabric, this bag is marketed for bow hunters in particular, with pockets advertised to fit a variety of bows. Lightweight, this pack is advertised at four pounds and one ounce with padded waist belt, featuring additional pockets to the four exterior pockets found on the pack itself. The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit is not waterproof but does include a rain cover as part of the accessory package.

Strongest reviews for this product came from buyers impressed by the capacity of the pack and its suitability for multi-day hunts. Reviewers were also impressed with the rain cover as part of the accessory package, noting that this was quickly put to use when weather conditions required on their excursion. This product has received a five-star rating by 76% of customers and is one of the few packs that identifies its specific function for bow hunters, this may warrant further investigation for active hunters in that genre. Therefore we have included it in our list of best hunting backpacks.

Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack

top rated hunting backpacks Buy from Amazon

(284 reviews) 73% 5-star rating

Declaring capacity for enough equipment to support a three-day excursion, this military style backpack heavily promotes its features for the survivalist in the wild. The pack advertises a detachable water bladder and accompanying straw attachment which allows you to re-hydrate even when you’re on the move. Durability is key with this pack which promotes its suitability for all terrains, heavy duty zippers which are fitted with paracord for improved stealth are included.

Among the favorable reviews for the Monkey Paks Tactical backpack identified the suitability of this pack to accommodate larger wearers. With comfort being one of the most important elements of any pack and strap adjustment identified by buyers for many of the competitor’s products being a concern, this one could be right for you and is therefore one of the best hunting backpacks.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

good hunting backpacks Buy from Amazon

(414 reviews) 71% 5-star rating

Another offering from ALPZ, this pack is announced at a weight of two pounds and three ounces (seven pounds and three ounces including the frame) with 5250 cubic inches of storage. Top loading with ten zippered compartments, this pack includes a rifle holder as part of its design.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander has received top ratings from 71% of users and a design which is equipped for firearms, this stands out as one of the leading best hunting backpacks on the market.

G4Free40L Sport Outdoor

perfect hunting backpacks Buy from Amazon

(213 reviews) 63% 5-star rating

This custom design features a 40 litre capacity and promotes its high capacity, durability and adjust ability to suit wearers of varying sizes.

This bag receives high marks for its high capacity and durability, even among former military personnel who have had the chance to test it out. Popular with more than just hunters, users report that this pack’s multiple compartments make it easy to keep things organized and so its included in our list of best hunting backpacks

Monkey Paks Military Style Backpack

good hunting backpacks Buy from Amazon

(564 reviews) 62% 5-star rating

Heavy duty, waterproof and stealthy with paracord zipper pulls, this offering by Monkey Paks offers five separate compartments to organizer your gear and detachable water bladder with drinking straw.

Reviewers have given this one high ratings for its capacity, with ample room to support two to three days’ worth of supplies. Some users have identified its suitability as a bug out bag which was described by one customer as “perfect for any prepper”.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

best rated hunting backpack

Buy from Amazon

(328 reviews) 60% 5-star rating

Advertised as the most popular tactical day pack produced by this manufacturer, this pack features a clam shell style master compartment, contoured shoulder straps with quick release function and two front utility pockets with an organizer sleeve. The mesh padded back is hydration compatible.

Buyers are impressed with the capacity and durability of this pack and has been cited for its convenience both in the field and in transit, with suitable size and fit for airline travel. This pack stands up to a lot and is suitable for a wide variety of uses and adventures and that is why we have included it in our list of top backpacks for hunting.

Sport Outdoor Military Rucksack

nice hunting backpacks

Buy from Amazon

(1552 reviews) 35% 5-star rating

This heavy duty water resistant nylon pack with cloth construction offers heavy duty over-sized zippers for durability and molle style accessory loops on the front.

Reviewers are impressed with the compact but durable nature of the Sport Outdoor Military Rucksack and the mount points on the exterior of the bag to attach accessories and implements.

SPIKA Camo Hunting Backpack

ideal hunting backpacks

Buy from Amazon

With a focus on comfort and performance, this pack advertises its capacity to adjust the backpack to allow for minimal fatigue. Showcased features focus heavily on the breathability and functionality of the pack to ensure wearer comfort above all else.

The SPIKA Camo Hunting Backpack, offering a 40+ litre capacity is lauded for its suitability for those looking for lightweight tote. However, while smaller than many of the competing products on the market, users report that it is still roomy enough to carry two days’ worth of supplies.

What to Look For when buying the best hunting backpacks:

While there are some conflicting opinions about what makes the best hunting backpack, a lot of experienced hunters can find some common ground on the key components for a good buy in this area.

1. Comfort

Recognizing that you must carry this pack potentially for hours at a time, if the pack fits uncomfortably, that will make for a long day in the outdoors. The better the fit, the better that it contours to your body and moves in sync with your natural movements, the less likely the pack itself is to create a negative impact on your hunting experience.

2. Load Distribution

This can be attributed to the design of the pack and somewhat on the fit, but the manner in which the backpack supports the load in relation to your own centre of gravity and natural movements will determine how well your body responds to traveling with the added weight of the pack. If the load distribution is out of whack, you’re likely to experience muscle ache, fatigue and possibly pain.

3. Durability

Conditions on a hunt can be rough and unpredictable. Your pack should be resilient to weather conditions, the terrain and the routine functions that accompany a hunt. The warranty that a manufacturer carries on its pack is something to consider so that you can buy with confidence.

4. Total Pack Weight

An experienced hunter will tell you to learn to travel light.  Pack only the items you need, and only in the quantity you’re certain to use. Some guidelines point to seven pounds as being a maximum comfortable weight for a backpack worn traversing terrain such as that which will be experienced during a hunt.

5. Noise

If you’re hunting big game, your stealth is one of the most important factors in your success or failure. A pack which creates too much noise as your maneuver in the wilderness can work against you.

6. Versatility

Whether you need separate compartments to keep your supplies separated, or you need to consider the compressibility of your pack in the wild to get through tight spaces, or for getting the most out of your cargo room in travel, the versatility of your pack will affect how you feel about it and how much you want to use it. When assessing your options for a hunting pack, you might also look for those products that have design considerations that support your core needs – such as a rifle pocket or compartments to carry your bow.

7. What Type of Hunter Are You

Whether you’re planning a single day excursion or looking at setting up camp on a multi-day hunt will have a great influence on the pack that you need. The longer your stay, the more capacity you may need and the more compartments to best carry the various items you need in your kit to support longer missions.

So once you’ve considered the criteria that matters most to you, your next step is to take a look at the products that are on the market to assess which is the best backpack to meet your needs for your next hunting trip.

What to carry in your hunting backpack

A basic things that every hunter needs to carry on for hunting.


Know your needs before you make your selection to ensure that you have picked the best pack to meet your needs. There are a number of great products on the market, but finding the one that has the features that best address the functionality you need will better ensure your satisfaction with your purchase.

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